If you received a burofax, inform before paying

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  • This week the Owners Community has sent more than 40 burofax. It is not Known what criterion has been followed to send these notifications . The issue is that there are more than 300 Torremuelle neighbours who have stopped paying a fee whose money is not known what it is invested when all the basic services are being undertaken by the City Hall.

    The residents of this urbanization have been during years reclaiming, and even through notaries, that President, Mr. Motamedi, clarifies the accounting of this community and shows invoices, payments, etc. But, why this refusal to deliver and clarify the accounting of this community?

    If you are an owner of Torremuelle and you have received a burofax of lawyer, Rocio Moreno, demanding fees Community and warning you of his legal claim, we recommend you that before taking any determination about, that please make contact with the neighbour Torremuelle Association (VE.TO.) that will provide you the maximum possible support.

    Torremuelle is a fully public urbanization.

    The General Plan of Benalmádena defines Torremuelle as "Public Construction", nothing is private.

    Therefore, COMMUNITY FEES Should NOT BE PAID QUOTAS for gardens, street and pavement maintenance which are public and used by everyone. Currently THE CITY HALL PROVIDES ALL BASIC SERVICES: water, sewage, streetlight, street cleaning, trash collection and brushes. The city hall provides the services like a dropper, but provides. Therefore, paying the community fees has no sense, besides that it is not known where the money that the neighbours pay goes with certainty, because nobody shows invoices or supporting documents of expenses of any kind, and supposedly debts are "forgive" debts to all owner that interested, why?

    From here all owners of this urbanization are invited to join in defence of the interests of all the residents of Torremuelle and so claim to City Hall total receipt of Urbanization to stop definitely paying the community fees because it has no sense to pay for services that do not provide and/or they are not obligated to provide. And consequent never more vote to Mr. Motamedi as President, given he is not defending or at any time defended the public interest.



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